February 6th, 2012

Houdini & I

Ranch. Studio. Airway.

As a Health Care professional I suppose Airway ought to of come first (you know Airway, Breathing Circulation the basics of basic CPR classes...), however as someone who is experiencing severe nasal & sinus congestion, plus associated upper airway sequelae, I think I'm a bit hypoxic so thinking more about the other two. Partly because we've been steady on those two items recently.

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Didn't get it all done (long checklist) yesterday, did get a good portion done. The backdrop is hung, and I spent some time with the garment steamer working on de-creasing it. This leads us back to Airway, because one who is experiencing severe nasal & sinus congestion, plus associated upper airway sequelae, could do far worse to help break up said congestion than to fire up a garment steamer and steam a large cotton canvas photo backdrop. Could use a bit more steaming. We'll see.

However, did get 10 of 16 items checked off, and I've already told Herself I think I'm not going to Tioga Town Centre Market this evening. Partially due to Airway, and partially due to needing to get those other items done. Thursday is an upcoming session, starting near noon, so most of Studio setup needs to be done before then. After all, will still need to Feed the Ranch on Thursday morning, count Kids, and make sure there is a check written to cover the feed order, which will be delivered on Thursday as well.

Now, some of this work led to further thoughts on things needing to be done (of course). That's OK. This is a never ending story, here.

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Some Success

Studio 318 now prepped, but for two things, for a session this coming Thursday. The two things are, hanging the side curtain, and plugging in the lights, which ever lights I use.

Briefly, today, we counted an extra cow in the pasture. However, Owner Thereof came up and told me the cow was there before I noticed. Offered to sell me the cow. I declined. Any cow which suddenly appears inside a fenced pasture means either that cow found a down spot which must be fixed, or that cow cleared the fence. Since Owner Thereof told me he'd seen the cow clear the fence coming in...

Cow cleared the fence going out too. All our cows remain. In fact, their behaviour regarding the interloper almost seems to say, 'Bovine, you brought Strangers on Horses into our domain. You are a troublemaker. Go away.'

As of this morning, we are up to 30 kids in this kidding.

I did not go to Tioga Town Centre Farmers/Craft Market this evening. Two reasons, not feeling the greatest (see previous about sinus congestion) and working on Studio. Good thing I didn't, as that is when Owner Thereof showed up.

Oh. ETA: And, sometime in the past couple days, I renewed my Flickr account so I can see all my photos there again.

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