February 7th, 2012



Herself and I are 25 today.

At this time, on that day, our combined families and some select guests gathered in her parents suite at the hotel where we held our reception for a Gift Opening party. Tonight's dinner will be served on the stonewear plates we received that day.

Some time later, when those festivities wound down, my side of the immediate family loaded into three autos and set off to Skeeters. Long time residents of Hoggetown will remember Skeeters as a great place to get breakfast. 24/7. Home of the Big Biscuit.

I remember my brother John playing Fire Drill at three different stoplights on the way. And the surprise on two siblings faces when they ordered the Big Biscuit. Even though we told the it truly was The Big Biscuit.

Little over a year later, we purchased KP Ranch  Still here. Nine dogs (not counting the few we sold), nine cats (not counting the few we sold) and a couple 2-3 hundred goats later (counting the 160-200 or so we sold) still here. About paid off. Still complicated, still fun, still real.

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