February 20th, 2012


Life, Universe, Ya

Last few days been wanting to make some posts. Problems with monitor acting up. Not complaining (exactly) and not surprised (exactly). Purchased two nice, large LED monitors just over two years back. Readers might recall my mentioning that one of those started acting up last summer; heh, acting up, it died. We swapped monitors around as Herself doesn't feel as strong a need for the large size (says I do way more photographic work, and she's mostly right). Now that one is doing some similar not the same acting up.

If the monitor goes into 'sleep mode' then when I try to wake it up, the image won't stay on. This started, basically, Thursday or Friday-ish. Turning monitor off, then on worked through Saturday. Yesterday (Sunday) that didn't work so well, but rebooting the PC did. This morning... couple of re-boots.

Both monitors were purchased as refurbished equipment. So no complaints, I suppose. Next purchase, though, new. For sure.

We'll see how this works. Not purchasing anything just yet.

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