February 25th, 2012

Houdini & I

Back Online. Did You Miss Me?

Last weekend, started experiencing monitor problems. Well, actually, in one way it was last August/September that we started. A bit over two years ago I purchased two refurbished 23" monitors to replace old CRT boxes that we used, partially because Herself's old monitor then was beginning to act up, partially because with the demise of my old laptop I dropped down to a single display mode and I'd gotten quite spoilt used to dual display, or in other words, larger display for the photographic work.

Thus shopped around and found a deal on Woot for the two big monitors for the price of one I'd been looking at otherwise. And I can say, from the standpoint of working on photographs I'm quite spoilt fond of that larger display. Didn't really feel like I need a dual display, in fact. Then the one I used started shutting off all by its lonesome. I suspect a heat problem, based on the fact that I checked and could feel a good bit of waste heat when it happened, and letting the monitor cool then turning it back on worked for a bit.

Being under a deadline at the time, Herself said take hers, and put an older monitor back onto her PC. We did. This gained us another four month or so.

Two years plus/minus is probably not bad to get out of refurbished equipment. Probably.

Purchased a smaller replacement yesterday, new, with a two-year service plan for less than $100 US. Once the income taxes are done, and pending the return is generous enough, will purchase another larger one, and move this over to Herself's PC.

Exciting, eh?

Herself is off to SCA this weekend, so the Border Collie Bros and I are doing Ranch Watch. I could have gone to get that replacement monitor on Thursday, decided to commit it to helping Herself get ready to go. She's cooking Feast, plus breakfast and lunch for the attendees of the Barony An Crosaire annual event, St. Valentines. This is the 'inaugural' event for the Barony, the first St. Vals was the first Baronial Investiture. It's also an investiture this weekend, a changing of the guard as it were.

So it's quiet here. Did some errands earlier, continuing with some other chores, and enjoying a functional monitor in between.

Time for Evening Rounds.

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