February 26th, 2012

Weather - Wet

Today Is

Rain. A good thing, we need the wet. A not so good thing, I'd watched ahead on the forecast, set my alarm to get up 'early' (later than Going to Hospital, earlier than Sleep In) so as to be out early and feed the Ranch before the rain started. Dressed and opening the door at 07:30 and... rain. Soft, steady, persistent. Quiet enough that I'd not heard it through windows or on the roof, and thus somewhat surprising.

Still, there are things to do which the rain will not effect, other than finding a cover for the clean dry laundry say, or wearing my rain jacket to accomplish same (taking out the trash, anyone?)... But the goats won't come out into rain even to eat, not putting down their food simply to get wet and soggy.

So. Laundry. General cleanup. Bills. All these things may be accomplished despite rain. Well, the bills could get iffy, if the rain gets heavy. Meanwhile, also learning about how Picassa works, does it provide the ability to search for categories or key words.


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