April 2nd, 2012


Hippie Birdbaths

Today is pdxmarine Day! Many happy returns.

As with many others on my Reading List, been a long time since I've seen an entry from pdxmarine so why make a well-wish note even if it likely isn't read?

Because that's one of the best kinds of well-wishes. Sent along in the Universe, semi-silently, in the generaly specific direction for the desired destination. Good vibes cast upon the waters.

Moon Day

Today's meanderings:

Jump Drives
I own five. One I take to Hospital and use for work-related files. It's home today being cleaned up slightly. The others I keep home for various uses, usually though not exclusively taking files to Herself's PC for printing, since there isn't a printer connected to my PC. Running through all of those drives today refreshing my memory as to what's on them, and clearing things off of some of them. I'm debating about switching out the one I take to Hospital because the current one the lanyard holder is broken. May not though.

One of the home drives is work-related data, with backups elsewhere, and I think I should burn it to a disk anyway and then clear that drive for other use. It is a 1 Gb drive with a retractable port card.

One of the home drives is a small one, 66 Mb or so. This one is very handy for moving things for printing, as since space is limited that's about all it's good for. This one is also a 'give-away' from a convention (probably HIMMS in Orlando some time ago) and thus is Logo Labeled for the company that gave it away. There may be another one of this type around here, different company, still in the gift box.

One is a 4 Gb drive with a broken case. The chip card still works. I keep saying I need to make a new case for it, something Steampunk. Hasn't happened yet.

The last is another 1 Gb with retractable port card. I use this one a fair amount as well, assorted data on it primarily photographic work related. There is some (or, by the time I'm done, was some) work-related data which I'm archiving.

Photograph Organisation
I very much need to work on this, in terms of disk storage space, cataloging, knowing what is print-ready and what isn't, and in general getting a better handle on what I've got available for different projects without working on searching a great deal. To this end, I've worked with several applications, possibly five and will address this as I go: ACDSee, Adobe (2 apps), Nikon and Picasa.

ACDSee®, the version I've used, is frankly pirated. It's an older version, requires a serial number to install (available on the CD), and provides for a fair amount of my needs. The application provides a designated number of 'Catalogs', and allows for adding a fairly unlimited number within those hard-coded names. Category and KeyWord assignment is unlimited, and Search-able. Within this structure it is possible then to build a Catalog “Print-Ready” and list those files that are print-ready without duplicating files. It comes with an image editor, which I experimented with yet used very little.

Adobe provides two applications one of which very much so provides cataloging capabilities, the other which provides for some cataloging. The former is Elements®. The version of Elements that I used ran into a limitation on the Catalog of a maximum number of records. Reaching that number resulted in the specific Catalog freezing and becoming inaccessible. Most annoying, and resulted in my ceasing to use that version. There are newer versions since then which I've not tried. Other than that major flaw, the program provided for unlimited Catalogs (in fact, that is one work-around for the flaw, requiring a limitation to the size of a Catalog and to load that Catalog file when needed), Category and KeyWord assignment and Search. Elements provides nearly all the same editing capabilities as Photoshop® though often under different menu structure.

Photoshop® version 7 does provide a File Browser which, within the application, opens a window to browse files. Select one and get a thumbnail view with some of the file information as well. However, there is no Catalog, no Category, no KeyWord or Search. I do use Photoshop for nearly all my file editing and manipulation. Newer versions, bundled in Creative Suite, I think combine in the Elements cataloging features and I've contemplated upgrading for this reason amongst others.

Nikon ViewNX® is rather crucial to my work because of the abilities it does provide, yet it does not provide much in the way of a Catalog. Categories and KeyWord assignment are a feature, and these labels go into the basic file information within the file itself. Most of the previously mentioned applications will see that data, and might even use it. The data definitely goes with the files when uploaded to on-line viewer sites.

Picasa® is essentially from Google and may provide for my cataloging needs. I am still early on the learning curve for this software, and am concerned that it may not be quite what I either want or need. As an application it is designed to easily interface with on-line Picasa (Google's on line image storage viewing system); it may also interface with Flickr, but I am not sure. I do recall seeing in the Help files (the only manual available) that it is possible to make 'Collections' which are data-base entries, not file duplications. So, I could make a Collection 'Print-Ready' and start putting the print-ready photographs into that Collection for future search and use.

Monday Chores
Pretty much went out to work shortly after the previous note, and following feeding and watering ate lunch (right on about noon anyway). After noon, went and worked laundry and during first load, cut eight mat board blanks to 16x20 inches. These are to be backing boards for pieces going into the 16x20 pre-cut mats we've got, meaning 11x14 prints if I have any on hand.

Herself needed the front left side tire either re-inflated or the tube placed; I opted to put in one of the tubes purchased over last summer for this reason. Proved to be more of a chore than I think it should have been. No tire irons to be found even the little ones from my bicycle tool kit. Enough of an aggravation on both parts that Herself packed up rather angry and didn't pack several things she'd want. Argh. Then again, that is partially related to our getting rained on during break-down of Haile Farmers Market on Saturday, and setting the kit out to dry yesterday, then not re-assembling the kit.

I got the tube in, inflated and tire re-mounted before she left, she helped get the tractor off the blocks. Checked the right rear tire for pressure, needed air. Put that in, re-parked car, then tried starting tractor. Nada. Nothing. No juice. Took battery out and put it on charger. I'm thinking, none the less, it's time to replace that battery. Nigh on three years old, two hard and one mild winter with the two hard ones it not being kept charged and going flat.

Thus is my day more or less complete. Feel free to comment or not, though I definitely will appreciate any feedback on the photo organisation software issue.

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Out of curiousity, who may be using the smart phone app for LiveJournal here? I downloaded it today, only glanced through it a bit. Interested in any feedback.

(And yes, the music really did change between these two entries.)