October 25th, 2012


Promises to be a Busy Day

Over the past few weeks, I've taken time off from Hospital to catch up on some things around the Ranch and wrap up preparations for one of my (personally) more major shows, Necronomicon in St. Petersburg, Baja Jorja.

Which, for whatever reason, my calendar had for last weekend, not this weekend. However, all is good with Hospital, the additional time off approved (not surprising, as what would you say to someone who is officially 'retired' yet still working for you, so doesn't really need to continue working for you if they chose not to...). All the pieces that are going to be framed, matted, mounted, and such are done, and what remains is to pack the big framed pieces into individual shipping protection (I'm driving down, so I'm the shipper as well), and the smaller framed pieces into a tote, and the pieces for the Print Shop into their tote, and the Office with the necessary paperwork all completed for submission, and the weekend bag, and...

I suppose that suggests the day for you. Between that I shall help some with the Morning Ranch Rounds, because I need to get this done and on the road before too late this afternoon.

On that note, Ta Ta For now.

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