November 8th, 2012

Houdini & I


It is now two days post the Quadannual (which isn't probably a word, tough) or Biannual November Craziness here in my part of the World. In some ways, things quieted down a touch. In others, not so much. As to any of it, I will simply if not completely accurately post here what I did elsewebz on the evening of the day.

I did put my random and not so random numbers into the system, thus preserving my right to bitch about whichever scoundrel is not doing their job correctly regardless of the outcome.

This time around, though, I put an emphasis on my right. It is not only my right, it is every fellow citizen of my neck of the woods as well. It is that, indeed, regardless of the outcome. There exist times in the past when I wasn't terribly happy with the outcome, and times with greater satisfaction. In the long run, so far, it's all working out. No guarantees, still, though.

Partly I'm put to think about this by one of our actions, here on the Ranch, when we've new kids on the ground and just now we've new kids. Herself started using our portable boom box a number of years back, when we kept a temporary pen up close to Studio 318 for the new mothers and kids. This to help convince Coyote not to come shopping here for dinner. Since we've recently experienced Coyote coming shopping (though I may well have convinced Coyote that too close to the House is not Wise), we set up the boom box again, out by Goat Paddock and Goat Barn, set inside the horse trailer running off batteries.

We tune it in to a talk radio station. An all-night talk radio station, in fact, because then it sounds to Coyote that there are indeed Humans awake there, all night. Since the majority of these all-night talk radio stations hereabouts seem to be Conservative, well, that's what they talk about. Rather vociferously, in fact, which again, is good to help convince Coyote don't come shopping for dinner here.

Tuesday past, the people proved more vociferous than usual, as well. I mean, really quite vociferous.

Which, yesterday upon consideration caused me to wonder, what do our human neighbors think about the fact that we listen to such things, every night, all night?

Because, yanno, we go out, do a head count on the Goats & Kids, turn on the boom box and a light in that wee 'building' which is the trailer, and then we go back to the House and go to bed.

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