February 28th, 2013

Houdini & I

Midweek Is For

Roof Repairs! Yea!


Spent big money today, relatively. Purchased the replacement plywood decking for the roof, most of which will be delivered tomorrow. Purchased replacement planking for the back deck of Studio 318, plus joists. Which, likewise, to be delivered tomorrow. Paid the delivery fee, too. At the same time a somewhat lesser purchase of a shelf for the new printer. Now that project merely waits for a bit of free time.


The roof repairs are now in progress. Start on stripping off the old shingles and such, discovering the holes. There are more than we realised. This is why we changed the plan to replace all the roof decking. Lots more to do, yes, still it is started! Yea!

To Do:

Still to do is that shelf, and lots of Studio 318 related bits and pieces. Transfer money between banks to cover these purchases (covered) and be able to pay bills. All in all, though, I can feel accomplished for today.

Doing Right Now: Beer! Yes! Beer is doing right now. And petting Houdini. See icon. Which makes typing interesting.

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