March 11th, 2013


State of the Artist: Nude Nite Tampa Report

Nude Nite the Show proved not terribly hard to fine, though not terribly easy either. I used the Maps on the iPhone, pinned the location, then guessed at an exit which didn't exist. No matter, off at the last exit before the I-4 to I-275 interchange and south some blocks, and lo the street to which the address belonged, turned left and progressed and knew I'd found the place when the traffic stopped waiting for parking and the picketer preached the Gospel at those who walked past to gain entry or leaving.

I availed myself of Valet Parking, and am glad I did.

Collapse )

Here is when I really appreciated the decision to use the Valet parking; they'd already pulled the vehicles for those who had, and were clearing their work, out and ready for us. Into the car, and onto the road, back to the hotel. Slept fairly well, totally through the Monstrous Human Idiocy that transpired at 02:00 wherein DST: Daylight Stupid Time 'Sprung' ahead.

This is the first Show, as opposed to Weekend Art Festival or Con Art Show in which I've been represented since my freshman and sophomore years in college when I put pieces into the Aquinas College Spring Arts Show. Will I try again next year? Oh hell yes.

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