March 17th, 2013


State of the Artist

Been a busy week, and not necessarily with art however one must get things done for daily living. Daily living on the Ranch includes things y'all might not need to do overall, and that's fair. However, time managed usually results in projects completed and this week saw the completion of a start, and a start on a completion.

I've needed a new printer for a while. I still do in one manner, because I'd like to get a printer which will allow me the ability to print up to 11x14-ish pieces or slightly bigger. I opted for one a bit smaller though, an Epson Artisan 50, simply because first make prints and put them into inventory, then look at making larger prints. For really big prints, I still plan on taking the images to Flair Lab, my local professional photography processing location.

Got the printer a month and a bit ago, actually, and needed to re-do the shelf platform where the printer would live. Got that done this past weekend after the jaunt to Tampa, and the printer installed and even tested by Thursday. Haven't printed anything else since, which is the next step. If this works like learning to print in a darkroom worked, I expect I'll be burning through some paper and ink before getting acceptable results. I'm OK with that.

Part of this plan will be printing things like card sets for small easy priced items in the booth. Even so, I can print up to 8x10, and am starting to shop for paper. Did get paper to get started, don't get me wrong, and that paper is sized for the card printing project. Need slightly bigger paper too.

So, that's the completion of a start, printer shelf and printer installed. The start of a completion is cleaning up a passel of used frames I've purchased at yard sales, and starting the framing to replace stock sold. I've two weeks before the next weekend art festival show, and these pieces need to be framed by then. Plus, perhaps, a couple new pieces. We'll see.
Missed one of the local shows I put on the list by mis-reading the notice from the group and working on the premise that weekend event to be in June as it has for a number of years running. Um, not so much, actually took place yesterday. Oh well. Not sure I'd be ready if I had read things correctly anyway. Still...

Now the Bros are fed as well as the evening Ranch Rounds done. Dinner preparations are under way for this evening. Time to get this posted and go be a couch potato for a wee bit.

Oh, and Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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