August 1st, 2019


Where Have I Been?

Yes, it's been ages.

I freely admit, I followed the tide (rather than fight it) over to That Faciem Liber place. Which isn't exactly free, and which, after many years of perusing, strikes me as not exactly listening to those who subscribe. Then again, why listen to the sheep that one is fleecing of their data for ones own profit?

Moving with my usual prodigious speed, I've been meditating about rejoining the world of blogging. It's not nostalgia, quite. I do recall the days of LiveJournal and melding into DreamWidth with fondness. I am not so naive to believe that things haven't changed, even here. However, it does still appear to be a place to practice writing, and do so with much less personal angst about the aforementioned fleecing.

Along with the times changing, so too my interests adjust. Not all, nor even in depth considering I call myself an Artist. My time situation the past year and a bit involved a good deal more spent on The Ranch and projects, while still maintaining at Hospital for the steady income. Consequently, Art needed to take a hit. The visual artwork I do, involving photography as a foundation, is or may be time-intensive. Most art is. Visual needs the ability to see; digitised needs a computer with some power. Since I prefer making large prints, a good sized display is preferable. I've tried working on laptops, it is do-able. Not the best. As for smart phones or tablets, far from optimal for my needs.

Writing, on the other hand, I can do using the smart phone, or a tablet. I can do it while riding the bus/coach to and from Hospital, which adds a good 20 minutes at least to working time. So I moved to writing again. A bit of poetry, not much. And to see what I could do, plus being curious enough to already begin exploring that world, Fan Fiction caught my attention. I started in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe, because she is fairly friendly towards Fan Fiction. Don't dupicate her published works; but filling in Missing Moments, or creating Alternate Universe is quite acceptable.

That, plus missing the whole atmosphere of blog space as opposed to Faciem Liber space, brings me here again. For the nonce, I plan to come back by to read and occasionally natter. And, perhaps, once I've gotten a better lay of the virtual land, perhaps publish as well.

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