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So, what did you do this weekend?

Coupla loads of laundry (one being kid blankets... stinky)
Some photo processing (digital)
Assemble one buck pen
Reinforce one maternity doe pen (big buck keeps trying to climb over ... he's discovering it's easier to get in than out, but still managing both ways)
Watched some movies (others DVR'd, is that a word these days?)
Spent Time with Da Bros. No rides, though. Well, take that back. Ride to the feed store.
Fed the Kid. Many Times.
Dodged horny goats. 
Stretched the Kid's hind left toe joints; doing some reiki with that as well. Still not bearing weight on those toes/hooves, and folding the joint a lot. Otherwise, doing pretty darn good. Not tripping over his own Ears.
Non-productive web surfing; that's opposed to productive web surfing (which, sometimes, is LJ) but didn't order some things I've been meaning to order yet. Oh well, I suppose they will qualify as Christmas Presents.
Productive web surfing (that would be LJ. Great time playing a thread yesterday evening... hey, wedschilde and kenshusei and others, would that qualify as game?)

Um, yah, that about sums it up.


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