madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

I Have No Breakfast, and I Must Eat

Not entirely through personal volition, I am an early riser. This is significantly related to the fact that a majority of my income comes from Hospital, and Hospital requires my presence at a particulary hour and minute of the day which requires I normally get out of bed around 05:00 Local Dark Time. Being also something of a creature of habit, this means even on days when I may not have to get out of bed at 05:00 Local Dark Time, my body wakes up and says, "T'is time."

At home, this usually presents little problem, as one always can exercise the option of going into another part of the house and doing things which might otherwise awaken the Person Sharing Life. Today, however, it is not quite so easy, as on this little business trip I do have a roommate, since Hospital is funding the room and desires to spend the least amount possible.

So, for the past hour I've been quietly surfing the 'Net and imbibing morning coffee. Making the coffee is probably the biggest potential for waking the roommate; water noises as the machine heats it and drips it through the grounds, paper tearing to get those same ground into the machine, and then... the scroll wheel of the tiny travel mouse 'clicks'.


Wouldn't have thought that would be annoying, as its fairly quiet. Indeed, no verbal objection raised. Still, today I find the feature of pressing the scroll wheel to go into a virtual scroll mode... helpful.

But now, it is time for shower.

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