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The Natives Are Restless

I don't normally go into much discussion about sports here; suffice to say there are some sports I'm interested in (one in fact mentioned in my 'Interests'). And, at least two college-level teams I will keep an eye on, two specific games I am interested in the outcome thereof (and one of which, played this past weekend, gives me a 1 and 1 for the year). Otherwise, not so much interested in the professional sports thing, eh?

Today, here in Lizzardville, North Central Baja Jorja, the Natives are Restless. And I find myself in the unique position of desiring a positive outcome on the part of a team I usually do not entertain such ... outlooks regarding.

Don't get me wrong. I am quite proud of my Alma Mater. Received an excellent education from the College of Nursing, and recommend the College to anyone interested. That, however, constituted strictly a business arrangement. I gave them funding, provided by my GI Bill rewards for being a successful Federally Subsidised Tourist. They gave me that excellent education I mentioned.

I have no use for the attitude of Lizzard Fans, though, and that holds whether their team is enjoying a successful year or a less successful one. And I can now look forward to a Month's Worth of that attitude, In Your Face.

Oh, I am the Grinch, I am.
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