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Be Careful Today

Watch out for low-flying aircraft.

This is not intended as a slam; in fact when younger I used to word this differently. Now, I make this statement on this date not to refer to any specific group of people, but to the necessary attitudes which come along with it.

I admit it. My outlook on life in general received a strong colouration from experiences as a youthful Federally Subsidised Tourist. Those experiences give me the apparently contradictory ability to say I support the members of any armed force going in harms way, though not necessarily the individuals who ordered that movement. Well, most any; as a comment coming up will demonstrate I may not be all that supportive of an armed force which is acting in a manner inimical to me, and mine.

I learned that just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean the world isn't trying to kill me. I've put that lesson to good use during my professional career and specifically while caring for people undergoing surgery, because just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean the world isn't also trying to kill my patients... sometimes a lot quicker than it's trying to kill me. That paranoia provides me the ability to think of things which will kill my patients and do things to avoid those attempts to kill my patients (and me) as well as make plans to implement immediately when (not if, when) things happen that are detrimental to their survival.

Which is a good thing.

So today I observe as a lesson as well, one attending to Santayana's famous comment about learning from history to avoid the repetition of mistakes. Not so much because of the specific event nor the participants, but because someone, also probably feeling the same paranoia I do, is probably making similar plans to avoid the disasters I am... but their disasters are different from mine.

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