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And So This Is Christmas

It is wet and on the chilly side here in North Central Baja Jorja. The goats are not amused, and are telling us so, with commentary which I've frequently translated as, "It's weee-eeet. Maaake it sto-op." The cows and the horses are rather, "Eh. It's wet." But goats do not like to be wet. The Border Collie Bros, not so much either way. With company they're happy, regardless.

I expect the most positive part of Hospital on Friday is that my Flickr site is up around 360 hits, and all due to the posting of the OR Department Holiday Party Photographs. Made a posting here about that previously. If you really want to see photos of people you don't know doing the usual things at a big public party, go follow the link on the Info page to my Flickr.

Left Hospital a bit early on Friday, after what truly can be described as more aggrivation than real problem. Aggrivation resulted in missing the better part of a luncheon treat, though I did catch enough of it to get lunch. Then (because I was already trapped in the traffic of Butler Plaza Multiplex, a term which those of you familiar with Hoggetowne will very much understand) I wandered through a Barnes & Noble looking for odds & ends which could pass as holiday presents. Found a View Camera magazine, picked it up primarily because periodically I do as one of these days (I threaten) I shall obtain a view camera. Ask if you don't know what it is, not going into that now. However, didn't spot anything else I couldn't live without even as a potential present.

Left and took the long way around to go through Worst Purchase, where I did find a few things I'd been thinking about as pressies. Then I headed out through the AutoSpaghetti, and still managed to get home by 15:00. Which it took Herself a bit to realize just how early I'd gotten home. At which point she suggested we head on up the road to Chiefland and the Super Wallie World. Despite the rain (it started, after all, on Thursday) I decided this could be a great idea for a couple reasons, and off we went.

Didn't find much. Oh, I did pick up this funny looking blue hairy ball which you may see at some point, as I intend to use it in Studio for light studies and other playful purposes. Herself got a new pair of slippers, laughing at the time because it's warmed up from when she was wearing the only other pair of slippers she has. Those were a gift from friends in SCA, and are big, plushie piggies. Even walking carefully, they've a tendancy to grab things and knock them over. We stopped next door to Super Wallie World for burgers at Sonic's (one of the reasons I thought this trip to be a great idea), then headed home.

Saturday I ventured over to Williston and to Sparr Farm Supply for goat feed. The local mill we'd been using went belly-up a month or so back due to other customers stiffing the young brother co-owners (they inherited the business from their father when he died of pancreatic cancer a few years back), so we're dealing with Sparr in Williston because Sparr in Sparr is a shade further down the road. Not terribly amusing. We were assured that opening an account there would provide us the ability to order &/or reserve feed as needed, but this particular ability seems a bit less than effective in practice. Needed to top off goat feed to get through the holiday weekend (Sparr both places will be closed Monday, eh?), and came up short at Williston as well as short of much desire to telephone over to Sparr to find out if more feed was available there before I drove over. A phone call to Herself indicated that the two bags available in Williston would get us through to Tuesday, and so I departed with two bags feed and three bails hay. Two for horses, one for the maternity goats.

Saturday afternoon we trundled into Hoggetowne again, this time for some fun things. First of all, Joe Haldeman was in Goering's Bookstore for a signing. He's a science fiction writer some of you may be familiar with, and I've a copy of a new book of his, not sci-fi, is fiction, based on his experiences in Viet Nam. Wanted to get it signed and did so. Plus, we (Herself came with me) spent some time wandering through Goering's picking up other pressies for people and listening to some live bluegrass/folk music. Then we went more-or-less next door to one of my favourite stores, Harmen's Photos R Us. Here Herself purchased a replacement cell phone pouch for me (the velcro on the current one is muchly given up the ghost, not to mention that it isn't exactly water-resistant any more either, but then again it is about five years and a lot of milage old), and surprised me by also giving me a 5-in-1 reflector kit. Another toy for the Studio though also very portable; comprises an inner ring with a white diffusion/reflector fabric, and a zippered, reversable over-pouch with white/silver/gold/silver-gold mix surfaces.

Then we drove on down to Sparr (remember Sparr?) but not to go to the feed/farm supply store but to visit friends that live there. Schmoozed a bit, dropped off two of the holiday pressies, dropped off a sewing machine to be loaned to another friend, then headed home. Stopped in Williston at the Driftwood Cafe for dinner. Local place, not bad. High marks on the talapia (supposed to be grouper) and cole slaw, fair marks on the shrimp, clams were processed clam strips (no bellies, alas). Also high marks on the sirloin steak, proper cut, definitely done rare, baked potato good. Zipper peas fair marks; very much like garbanzo beans.

Then home, and a Pay-Per-View movie, 'Cars'. Much enjoyment! We'd figured (from watching trailers early on) that we'd like this one. Didn't go see it in theatre. I am personally quite happy that one of the major characters (Paul Newman's voice), 'Doc' Hudson is indeed a Hudson. If you're too young to recognize the name, go look it up. My grand-daddy retired as Supervisor of Experimental Engineering from Hudson Motor Company.

And on Christmas Eve we again toddled on down the road to Hoggetowne, but went while the Locals were still in church. Herself was looking for some rosemary christmas trees which she plans on using to help mark guy ropes for the pavilion at Hoggetowne Medieval Faire coming up in about a month's time. Alas, the Lowe's in Hoggetowne is sold out of them. Perhaps we shall still find some in Ocala. Also tracked down pricing info for a couple other projects, picked up one item, and left. Wandered over to Pet Smart, priced a couple things there... and left. By this point I much needed lunch, so treated Herself to Zaxby chicken sandwiches (another fast-food emporium as is Sonic's, but they make quite a decent chicken sandwich). Then to the local Albertson's, where I followed up a lead for another holiday pressie, but didn't find it, or found the Brit equivalent which just won't do (probably) for an Aussie.

But we did find things needed to make the rotissarie piggie parts for Christmas Dinner tomorrow (we knew that piggie... he escaped the pen and refused to go back in, so we helped him along in another direction. His name was, and will be again, Yum), along with some other parts of tomorrow dinner, and then we came back home again, jiggedy jig jig.

Where we've been listening to the goats complain about the weather, and folding up clean laundry, and now playing on LJ, and such as all that.

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