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Boxing Day

So it proved a wet Christmas day, at least until around 15:00 o'clock when the sun started making it through the clouds. Never did warm up as much as the weatherman predicted, surprise.

I presented Herself with a cookbook, Mediteranian Street Food (oh mine is such a rough life; now she will be making things in that cookbook and I shall be forced, nay pressed, nay, required to taste-test them), and DVD of "Eight Below". We are both softies for movies about dogs.

Houdini received a 'magic talisman' against the Big Thunder; it was teh Bow off of the cookbook wrapping. He seemed quite happy with it.

I received an Eric Clapton CD Oh Yeah! Also a DVD, the pilot movie for the new 'Battlestar Galactica' which we've not viewed yet (O Fie on You, lomer! Fie on You!). Also received an issue of View Camera magazine, but I haven't been able to lay my hands on it for the past 20 hours or so...

We rotissarie-roasted a pork loin, wrapped in rosemary and sage and bacon. Yes, we knew this pig, and his name was Yum. Fresh young asparagus spears, and home-backed rolls as well. Many kitty eyes upon us during the entire meal. Sorry, guys, but until you evolve thumbs it's our dinner, eh?

Work today hasn't been much; over to sister Hospital this AM for training classes (me teaching), then back to Hospital for odds and ends. Two more days to work this week.

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