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New Year's Eve

Online briefly earlier this morning, online again now. Tweaking up the bookkeeping so downloading bank transactions. There will still be a couple purchases before the End of the Year, but mostly the books will be ready for Tax Time.

It's been a year. Some things good, some not so much. The Studio 318 is much further along in progress; it's now functioning as a studio (as well as a storage building) rather than a storage building (as well as a studio). Herself's Sewing Cottage Studio is rearranged somewhat, has better lighting and a ceiling fan. Still needs to finish up insulation, and interior panelling. Soon: there is funding for that available. I'm almost amazed it wasn't spent on something else.

Goats are going to be kidding soon. Herself called me at work on Thursday to tell me the Ranch was Labor Central. So far only the hog farrowed, two piglets surviving. She's not too happy when I go to photograph them, but she seems to be convinced that she is succeeding in discouraging me from getting into the pen. LOL. Yeah. Right. You still don't have thumbs, Sow.

Horses are fat and sassy. They've had an easy year of grazing the paddock, running and playing on their own and in general forgetting that their purpose in life is to provide transport. Pleasure transport mostly, but transport. This notion will be disabused in the next few months. There is funding to build two outdoor grooming stalls as well.

Cows, most of them, were fruitful and multiplied. Good news for some, also good news for others but not necessarily some of the cows. No calves. We don't feed cows for free here. This isn't a petting zoo.

Sky TV came to the Ranch. My, my it is nice. Though after an honest trial of numerous month's longer than initially planned, the Sky TV Plan is to be revised. We will spend less on one of the movie channel packages, because frankly, Scarlet, we've not been watching them much. And the Pay Per View channels remain available, which is what we've watched some in the past few months. Such a nice way to determine if we should like to spend a 10 or 20 spot on a DVD, eh?

And so to you and yours, Happy New Year. Gotta go.

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