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I Find It Funny. YMMV. 'K? K.

I've seen this one before; hell, I've done this one before. Still, a recent kasheesty post promted me to do this again. Furthermore, I opted to string them all together into a paragraph... because it reads funnier that way.

Go to the first post of each month in 2006 and copy the first sentence across.

There's gunfire to the north; it's entirely possible, highly probable that someone's doing some bird hunting, or just some skeet shooting. People often stated over the years that our government is/was going to the dogs. In all probability I dream every night; simply, I rarely remember even dreaming, much less the dreams themselves. Last week, while I wandered through another galaxy far, far away, I was tagged by wedschilde to name ten of life's simple pleasures that I like most, then pick how ever many people I want to do the same. Been scrubbing a bit recently. I just received the strangest e-mail from my sister, who is also a nurse and lives in Rapid City, South Dakota. I am a day late for Canada Day; then again I didn't turn a computer on yesterday at all. For 3 years and a bit (rather a half year or so), I've been primarily working on my O.R. department's computer system (granted, I get pulled occasionally to wield the sharp edge in direct patient care, it's at least a 90/10 per cent thing). One small step for Man, one giant step for Hedgehogs! S & K, our friends and neighbors from up the road, stopped by at 09:30 to pick us up for the road trip to fatfred's Sushi Bash in Tampa. Yesterday my friend LJ seemed to be feeling a bit wonky. I started to record Moulin Rouge yesterday evening (joys of DVR), and managed to drop in to watch the first 15 minutes or so.

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