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Weather & Such

Called out to Hospital yesterday. Was on a fairly short leash to the white porcelan seat. Between interludes, helped Herself to repair a quintain; for those unfamiliar with the term, it's a training tool for medieval/rennaisance horse combat. Swinging arm at the top of a post, rider passes and strikes a target, if not done correctly the back side of the arm comes around and thwacks the rider. It was damaged in practice, and now it's much better thank you.

Herself didn't head out right off after that was fixed, though, as there were severe weather alerts, and tornado watches and warnings on the area. She left about 15:00, and still caught a lot of bad weather. The site for the event is only about two hours (normal) north of us, and she didn't get there until near 19:00. Not staying on site; she and freinds reserved a small block of rooms at a local motel.

So I've got Ranch Watch for the weekend. About to head out to see if any goat babies showed up in the storm last night. Houdini is nudging very insistantly that it's time to go out.
Tags: goatmammas, horses, sca, weather

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