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Not Quite the West Coast

I am sitting on the veranda of the Campbell's Resort Lounge in Chelan, Washington, beer at hand and surfing the web via wireless connection. The only thing that might make it better would be to not be burning battery juice. But hey, the battery is starting off at full charge, and the room isn't that far away with a waiting charger.

It don't get much better.

Yesterday comprised some longish time spent on a couple bus's with wings, one flight only about an hour and the other nearly five. All in all, though an uneventful day. This is always a good thing when talking about riding on a bus with wings.

Shifting time zones is always easier moving in the direction I did (east to west), so the payment to the JetLag Demon must still be made. However, for now I am content to enjoy warm temperatures (in the low 70's), cool beer from a local microbrewery, and free Interent access.

As my brother once said to me: It's eat your heart out time!

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