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Chilly day yesterday. Following the rain from Thursday night and clear sky on Friday night, temps dropped. I guess the cold front moving in helped. Thanks for the inquiries, we are northwest of where the truly nasty weather was on Thursday. Several merchant pavilions did take a tumble in the winds, but Skippy's came through fine as did Herself's. Wait, I may already of mentioned that. *G*

What I didn't mention is this weekend getting to meet and work with rosewildeirish. Not visit a lot, per se, because Skippy speaks truly when she warns her friends she becomes Manager Biotch from Hell at event. Two things about that:
-For good reason; stock is on consignment (this not even speaking to Skippy's integrity, eh, just that stock is not her property, not her owned inventory)
-Skippy, as MBfH, is still a better boss to work for by far than many I've had. She is concerned about her people and makes sure they take care of themselves as well as do a good job.

Anyway, not a lot of visiting as we are working. And when Faire closes, Herself and Myself don't get to join the Krewe for dinner because we're feeding kids at the Ranch. And despite that, much pleasures meeting rosewildeirish.

Faire started slow again on Saturday morning, despite opening to a fairly good crowd. Energy and sales picked up in the afternoon. I'm neither privy to exactly how much is sold nor in a position to reveal but suffice to say we did make sales. As did other Merchants, so things picked up a bit. Still, the overall feel is that this is one of the slower Hoggetowne Faires in memory.

Did see chaosloki along with J and the daughters, in fact one of the daughters constitutes one sale. No, not of the daughter, she purchased a puppet. One of the participants in the Past Times Artisan's Guild (Herself's booth, and right Next Door) also purchased a shoulder puppet for her nephew and kept sending referrals all day, as the puppet either sat on her shoulder (looking curiously small as R is a tall lady and the puppet is one of the children's size, not the same size as the wolf I live with), or sat on her table with her jewelery, acting as a guard.

Dredd Phredd stowed away, all dressed for Faire just by being himself... though I did notice a new sword in his belt. Must remember to check the bronze hairpins kept in Studio stock which I've picked up in previous years from Crafty Celt (Skippy's other booth). That sword looked rather familiar. Still, he and mini_fred had a good visit and continued the Ot-tar Tradition of making rude comments from the back of the booth.

It's going to feel rather cold this morning, with the temp around 34 F (1 C) and wind chills below that. At least we aren't on for the freeze warning until tomorrow night. Only going to get up to about 16 C today though (low 60's F). I shall dress warm.

Also, thanks to the wonderful Joy and no I don't know the rest of her name. She passed by the booth with an acquaintance of Skippy's, who accompanied another young lady, all dressed for Faire. Joy is also a local photographer and came hired by the young lady to photograph her. Joy graciously snapped a shot using my camera to provide me with a new icon (above), showing the shoulder puppet I go to Faire with to help sell puppets. BTW, PING wedschilde, look for an e to clarify some things about names.

snookum, anniequen, you are both missed. Annie, you might of been able to keep those two ot-ters under control. Either that, or joined them in their hijinks.

And now, one of the kids is calling.

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