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Conference is Over

We wrapped up the conference with a presentation by a friend of mine, Vivian Watson. Now, I don't want to claim to be a close friend, but I do claim friendship. Viv is one of those people who can be and is friends with most anyone, finding the best and most positive in them. She's a mentor, and a leader. And she really loves Elvis.

So now I'm checking e-mail and updating LJ and waiting for another friend to finish up a sideline meeting related to the Washington Council of Perioperative Nurses before we load the car and head down the road to Seattle. It's raining, so we'll drive with care. A few acquaintences and colleages that know how avid a photographer are apologizing for the rain...

That's simply the light given me by The Universe. Point of fact, some of the clouds over Lake Chelan this morning early proved irresistable. Slow shutter speeds, even on 400 speed film, so camera bracing and some tripod work. Should be good shots, though.

It is my therapy sometimes. It is very easy to lose myself in the mind-set that looks at the universe as a work of art waiting to be displayed.
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