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Tourist, That's Me

Spent the day playing Tourist in Seattle. Walked through Pike's Place Market, looking at this and that. Also spent some time leaning on the Market Grill's counter, with the Nikon set on the counter and stopped way down. This of course led to long shutter speeds; somewhat experimental but we'll see. I'm expecting blurry crowd movement with a nice, solid background of the Market.

BTW, the Market Grill serves a right nice clam chowder too.

After the Market, we wandered over to the Space Needle. This is something that's been on my To-Do list since 1962, and it only took me 42 years to comlete. Not bad, considering. Again, something of the usual tourist thing to do, I suppose, but I've got some ideas for the shots I did walking around the Observation Deck, once they're scanned. Considering the day to be overcast and myself using B&W film, I expect to hear lots of comments about gosh, it's too bad that's not in color... :-)

We're having crabs for dinner. Yum!

Then up early tomorrow, and off to SeaTac for the journey home.

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