madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,


I am moving office locations today. Real estate inside Hospital is just as critical, or perhaps moreso, than outside Hospital. I'm OK with this despite the aggrivation downtime involved because the reason is a good one, and the move was planned just for later this year. Something came up. We move twice instead of once.

Yesterday was A Day. To those of you who know how to get to my 'back door', thanks for the messages. Much appreciated. I just didn't want to get into a long (or short) thread on those venting posts yesterday.

Interesting things to post from the weekend... time. This week at Hospital is interesting.

Back to unpacking & re-setting the office. *G*

ETA: One box left to unpack, but it's lunchtime. Other than not being able to access G-mail (site tells me temporarily unavailable, might be on their side), things are moving along. Workorder is in to move my phone extension, plus another work order for some laptop work that's necessary but not vital, and then it's just finish unpacking and get the desktop organised.

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