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Sitting In Orlando

Drinking my morning coffee, getting a very slow start to the day (I'd though I'd be moving sooner than this). Well, I suppose I am actually being productive about something, because I've sorted through one e-mail account, forwarded a bunch of things to one or the other of two different accounts, and have gotten my morning coffee mostly in, eh? But it's a slow start. It feels good. The rest of the time spent here... won't be so slow.

I'm here for my annual AORN Congress meeting, when my professional association will conduct business, present educational sessions, run one of the health care industries largest trade shows, and yes in the evening have a lot of fun.

This is not, however, a vacation. Somehow, a bunch of people, not just some of my nursing colleagues, seem to think it is. After all, I'm not going to Hospital, so it's not Work, right? On the other hand, there are a few of my friends (nursing colleagues and not-nurses both) who know exactly what I mean. Oh, Yeah, Baby, not going to Hospital. Not getting days off either, eh? (Hey, Skippy, RWI, sound familiar? *EG*)

On the other hand, despite the hectic nature of the time, it does seem to bring some spiritual renewal and refreshment.

I guess I should get cleaned up and dressed and go over to the convention center.
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