madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Weekends. Gotta Love 'Em

Evidently, Houdini forgave me for going away for much of March. I won't swear to that with Smudge and Squrrl quite yet; they've gotten walkabouts and lots of time, but Squrrl seems to be a bit miffed that Houdini got Rides. Well, one ride.

After the Ranch business it was off to town with Herself, a combination shopping trip looking for some things for her, and some simple things for Studio 318. I've acquired those heavy drapery sets to control light in the studio, and need something to hang them with which contributes to that plan. As opposed, you see, to the current rather standard drapery rod which holds the draperies about three inches off the wall; that silly 7.5 cm allows a fair amount of light in. Might not seem like it to your eye, but it's a lot to a camera. This is now corrected.

We also spotted someone from one of the stores we went through putting furniture in the back of the Outback. Bought and paid for, when we asked, but only that ours is the vehicle to transport the furniture home. When we checked the items... well, more later. Suffice it to say I suspect Popper. Dredd would not of purchased anything. Unless he were caught in the act.

Home to feed the Bros and Mamma Mudge and teh Horses, then ourselves. Herself made talapia and steamed veggies with her version of Bonefish Grill's lemon butter sauce. Ahhhhhhh.

ETA: Per Herself, Lemon Butter Sauce
One stick Butter-unsalted, juice from two lemons or 1/4 cup bottled juice, 1/2 cup sugar, sundried tomatoes or canned diced pieces not juiced, roasted garlic chopped. Can add thinnly sliced green onions, course grind black pepper.

The balance of the above is a sweet tart.

Up early this AM, though not early enough it turns out. Morning feedings done and down the road again, this time to the Kanapaha Botanical Garden's Spring Garden Festival. We arrived a mere 50 minutes after opening, to find parking filled out to the highway. Well, except for a kind person who charged a not exorbitant fee to park in her yard; otherwise we could of driven back to a nearby shopping center and ridden the shuttle bus. We hiked the short distance into the show.

Flowers. Butterflys. Garden decorations. Koi. And jewelery, some photography (hope for the future, able to do a photo booth at the Festival), lots of music. Found a great T-shirt, Skippy. Nya Nya Nya. No, it's too big for even Ofuroyama, it's for me! Also a couple other things, but Herself is happiest with a haul of bromiliads for her garden.

It got hot! By the time we left, I emulated the Border Collie philosophy that the shortest distance includes all the shade between here and there. Sydney Subaru's exterior thermometer indicated temps near 30 C (89 F). Got home, unloaded, took a nap.

Uploaded photos to the laptop, but haven't processed them quite yet. Yes, I know, I promised other photos last week and haven't delivered. Anticipate the show, folks. Right now, it's dinner time.

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