madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

There And Back Again

Quick daytrip to O-town yesterday for a regional conference hosted by Major Software Vendor which we use at Hospital. Worth the trip for one conversation with another person at another hospital using Major Software Vendor's product... and a project which we are beginning to implement here.

Also worth the trip for two meals. Well, at least one, but I didn't need to pay for either of them. Lunch was OK. Dinner was...

Sashimi! Oh my yes. We were hosted by Major Software Vendor at Amura on Church Street. Most people ordered sushi but my leanings for the day moved in the direction of Protein High, Baby. Tuna, salmon, octopus, redfin, and three others I recognise but don't recall the names of graced my plate. Fresh wasabi! Fresh pickled ginger! And yes, the getting the raw fish without the pickled rice raised a couple eyebrows, but only a couple.

People were much more interested in one of the other members of the party, who ordered a total of 55 pieces of sushi. He took a mere 10 of them away from the restaurant, consuming all the rest before our eyes. Impressive.

Back to work today.
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