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Wow. It's been a weekend! Did get to stop in and check things here in LJ Land on Saturday morning; and now I'm back but not between then and now. Wow.

First of all, Friday on the way home I stopped at a couple stores. Looking for some langiappe, some fresh broccoli for dinner, and also picked up the Harry Dresden books. Because I've been meaning to ever since seeing the show and hearing wedschilde comment about it. So yeah, want to read the books. Got started on that, but just barely. Well, maybe a bit more than barely, since I'm well into the first book. But just the first one; that's barely.

Because yesterday morning took care of the Ranch Critters and helped Herself finish up her loadout to attend a craft show in Williston as a vendor. Somewhat last minute kind of thing. She found out about it on Friday afternoon, found there were still some open booth spaces, and went for it. Now we're on the list for next year, and even though sales weren't great we figure that's a plus.

When I finished helping Herself, I started moving things and getting Studio 318 ready for a couple two three photo shoots. Moved some chairs around, swept the floor, hung the plain canvas backdrop, and set one chair out while waiting for alienorade to arrive. She is becoming quite the clothier for medieval period clothing and needs a portfolio. Also, since she's about to embark on a career change which will involve graduate school, a little extra cash could come in handy, and I'm willing to pay her for the time. This is the case because I'm planning on using the shots to be building blocks in composite imagery to do some medieval 'homage' pieces as well.

Yes, ichthyus, I saw your comment the other day about needing some cash and possible shoots. Do you still have my phone number? Say either yea or nay here; I recall you've changed providers so I'm not sure if the number I've got is current.

Due to some traffic problems on the drive, she arrived a bit later than planned, but in time for lunch (provided by the photographer, made by Herself). Then we set to work for about five hours, and five outfits. Some fairly good work too; I'll need to tweak it before posting as I did all my shooting yesterday in Nikon's RAW format.

Following that session, I reset the studio and did some work with D. D has done some modeling for life drawing classes and wanted to expand her repertoire as an art model, and I had several ideas I wanted to work on so again we found some nice common ground. This is the case even though one of the experiments didn't pan out. I'm not sure if that's because I was shooting digital, or the studio was still not quite light-proof enough for the project, or if the specific light I used just doesn't play well with digital. But the painting-with-light experiments didn't pan out this time around. I'll play some more with that, later.

The silhouettes on the other hand did pan out, so I may be posting some of that in the near future too; that work will be behind Da Artsy Farts door. The Masque and Blade work is... interesting, particularly as a study project. I need to consider that portion of the shoot carefully. But the silhouettes made the shoot, for sure. Some good work in that part of the ay.

The final session of the day included a few members of The Ottarz Mob; may or may not get those up, as some of it is part of another project which is under release date guidelines. I'll be able to post eventually, but may need to wait for that release date.

This morning, rain. Lots of rain, and wind, even some lightning and thunder, and Houdini calmly went into his doghouse den. Proud of him for that. Rain finally slowed down around 10 and we headed out to feed the Ranch and check on things Needed goat feed this morning, and we were also waiting for fatfred to drop by with MK. I needed measurements of fatfred's Nano to complete a project we started for the iPod (which mysteriously disapeered one day...), and while they were here we experienced a short visit by some annoying dogs who won't be repeating the visit.

Got the measurements, and they headed on down the road. The rest of today is filled with cleaning up over in Studio while doing laundry, and getting some other things organised. The last load is in the washer. The washer isn't acting too happy; either there's some gunk in the waterlines, or the pump is starting to go. Will check that out in more detail on another occasion, but soon.

During the doing of laundry and other straightening up, got familiar with iTunes and started building some playlists. We'll see how this goes, getting familiar with a Shuffle. Cool thing, could be.

Meanwhile, Studio 318 cleaned up, which included sweeping off the plain canvas backdrop. It spreads out on the floor, providing some seamless for me. This also means, walking across it, and while we were in stocking feet it still acquires some extras. It's not huge, but is big; 3 yards wide by 5 yards long, and I'm beginning to think I may need to add some length. Fortunately it's sold at Lowe's or Home Depot or such as "Paint Dropcloths" for a very reasonable price, compared to trying to find something like this at a photography outlet, or make it. Still some things to put away, but it's in good shape.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled LJ.
Tags: art, dresden files, photography, studio 318
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