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Despite my less than successful attempt at spelunking under the edifice knowns as Studio 318 to assess plumbing damage, this weekend provided quite a bit of success. Dinner on Saturday with S & K at their place, curried shrimp. I'd offered Young Male Bovine, but the shrimp was already on the menu. Much laundry was done, and even though that constitutes activities of daily living it's still success.

Between and during doing laundry, dogboysca stopped by for a visit while in Baja Jorja on leave. Good to get that visit in, too. Showed off some photos done since he'd departed, caught up on progress in his life, and later he joined us for dinner. We enjoyed that Young Male Bovine the shrimp bumped off the menu Saturday.

Spent time with the Border Collie Bros. Always good, spending time with one's dogs.

Watched a hawk work one of our paddocks, near by the spot where we feed teh Horses. Bits of feed grain splashed out of their buckets by hungry Horses attracts doves and other birds, and very possibly squirrels and other rodents as well. Smart hawk!
Tags: life, relax, teh ranch

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