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And it is a wonderful thing following a couple of long work weeks. Slept in this morning. Didn't get out of bed until after seven. Made coffee, checked e-mail and bank balances. All very laid back.

On the other hand, also picked up the remains of a package of Ground Young Male Bovine which the Kitty's of the Apocalypse hauled out of the sink where it was thawing out. Herself will not be pleased. Then again, neither am I.

This weekend includes a supply run to Sam's Club. No Costco close by, nor another wholesale type outlet I'm going blank on name. We used to frequent that one near O-town when we'd go visit Herself's parents. So Sam's Club it is.

Shall also be getting together with friend S to photograph blades he's made. He needs slides for a submission to a local art/crafts show. I've got the better photo setup, much finer control over light and we've talked about this several times. This weekend we see results.

And of course, walkabout rounds with The Bros & Mamma Mudge.

Actor James Doohan's cremains to be sent into space 'if all goes well'. And thus will "Scotty" join Mr. Roddenberry. How much of a geek am I to think that's pretty cool.
Tags: life, photography, ranch

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