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Slept in a bit again today. Ahhhhh.

Walkabouts with Border Collies. Spelunking under Studio 318. As suspected the leak is most probably at a weakened joint. There's no water connected to the building right now, but there is some residual water still in the tubes. With manipulation, that joint gets wet. However, the tubes are also old and feeling brittle; this is a 27 year old mobile home. When we first moved it out to teh Ranch, we were contacted via bulk mailing about participating in a class action suit for owners of mobile homes.

Seems the particular type of tubing used reacted poorly with chlorinated water and deteriorated rapidly. We hadn't any problems with the plumbing at that point, the place was only seven years old then, and hadn't been on chlorinated water for more than five. And certainly hasn't been on chlorinated water for the past 18 here on teh Ranch. So we gambled. I expect we won; I don't think this problem is due to chlorinated water. Oh, that may of contributed a bit, but I think this is simple old age. After all, it's a mobile home. They are not expected to last forever. Herself, and then Ourselves, is/are the only owner.

So we will continue to use the structure as Studio 318. We might still bring some water service in; as mentioned before, a functional water closet and kitchen would be nice, even in Studio. However, if we do so we will continue with the theme of "Industrial Ugly" in the repairs. I won't be tempting fate by trying to repair the current plumbing.

Not to mention that working under there won't be any fun at all. Not a lot of space, and the vapor barrier is torn up by opossum and/or raccoon, and it's just not terribly healthy feeling under there.

Today we do our supply run (yesterday we did one too, but that was for the Ranch Critters, a feed run). And photos of knives.

Mary Kitty is keeping my lap warm. I shall want more coffee soon.

That is all.


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Apr. 29th, 2007 01:09 pm (UTC)
Glad you are finally getting to relax a bit! I have finished first cup of coffee, and now there is something I have to do, oh what was it? Hmmmm...
Oh, yeah, finish packing about another million goddamn boxes. Happy Sunday!
Apr. 29th, 2007 02:11 pm (UTC)
Sleeeep is good!
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