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One might actually say lack thereof, too. At least, lack thereof for much of anything other than the basics; work, health, home, sleep. Rather than wandering about LJ lengthy periods, time spent on myself went into perusing some photographs recently; from a recent studio session (mentioned, and teasingly because still not ready to post the pieces) and the contact for potential commision sale. Need to follow up on that one as time is dear for the process.

Time with the Bros on the weekends mostly. Houdini in particular is letting me know this is OK but more would be good. He's living up to his name, as well as what he was doing when he earned it. Escaping, and coming to find me.

So, for sheer something to do, I nick a meme from starcat_jewel.

1. When were you born and what city, state, country where you born in?
September, 1952, in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA (That's where I was born, not where I grew up, though not far from there either).

2. What different things did you want to be when you grew up?
Myriad, and in many ways cliche. Architect. Engineer. Pilot. Actor. Writer.

Taking the last two listed and classifying them as Artist, I believe there is a demonstrable measure of progress. However, the one thing that never, ever crossed my mind while growing up, to become when I 'grew up', is what I am now, a Registered Nurse. And for the reason 'grew up' is in quotes, see Madshutterbug from A to Z on my info page, eh?

3. What was your most memorable childhood experience? How did it impact your outlook on life?
Extremely, profoundly unpleasant, and left me not with trust issues, but a very firm 'metrestick' to determine how, and how much trust one receives from me.

4. Were you a good kid or a bad kid? Would your parents agree with you?
How to answer this one? I was a child. I got into some trouble, but never repeated myself and got better at not getting caught. Received average to good grades in school, though through elementary school my "Conduct" grades were never "good" (I possess no evidence but recall very few "C" grades for conduct, usually "D" and more than a few "U" for Unacceptible). I expect my parents would agree with me, but I never asked.

5. What were your favorite toys to play with? Do you still have any of them?
I'm not sure I count a bicycle as a toy. Definitely my favorite, it opened up so many possibilites for me. No, I don't still have my original bicycle.

6. What cartoon character did you like best when you were younger?
No one single character, because the ensemble was (still is, since nothing on video ever dies, just rearranges where you find it on either the Internet or Cable/Satelite) so fine: The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

7. Did you have an imaginary friend? How would you describe them?

8. What do you remember about your first day at school?
Not much at all. It was the first time (of many) that I needed to wear a uniform.

9. What was your neighborhood like when you were younger?
Quiet, safe, similar with differences. There were perhaps a dozen houses on the block of the street we lived on which were all very different; most of them were built before the Second World War. The rest, you could look at and see that they were all the same plan. The people who'd bought them, in many cases, made changes to those houses to suit their needs and provide some differentiation, but the basic plan was obvious. I learned much later that my Uncle John and his father had been the 'real estate developers' initially, before the War, but not the builders. Dad bought the two lots right next door to the two lots Uncle John kept for himself, and the land contract literally said "For one dollar in hand and other valuable considerations...". The War is what provided the big change. I remember my parents describing the neighborhood up to the war, which is when only seven or so of those dozen houses were there. There existed a fair amount of diversity between the families in them, looking at ethnic backgrounds and faiths, but not racial. Definitely suburban, but at least while I was younger it didn't take that long to get to the fringes of the city via bicycle, or into the city itself by either bus or car.

10. How often did your family move while you were growing up?
Move? What? My father died in the house he built for my mother, 25 years after I'd moved out and 54 years after they married.
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