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So, It's Friday

Guess where I'm at?

Though to be very honest, with at least a foundation decision made, it's not as annoying as it could be. So the 'No Poking' icon is more because I just wanna show swords and nekkid babes. *G*

But also, because I'm in an OR and not at my Dilbert Cube, I can't sign in to Flickr, so I can't pop in a photo-link to what I posted yesterday. Oh, I could pop in a link, but not the photo. If I get the chance before going home today, I'll do that with a bit more talk-talk about the particular session. If not... it'll wait until tomorrow. This one may (or may not) be put behind Da Artsy Farts filter, depending on my mood at the time.

And in other news, having recently 'renegotiated my contract' (read: annual evaluation), while I am no longer eligible for a raise (top end of the pay scale, been here forEVer, don't you know), I did receive today the "Recognition $" in honour of my long-term service. Not a huge sum, nor a tiny one, and now, what to go play with it. Well, actually, I've got an idea already. *EG*
Tags: photography, studio, work

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