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Ah, What A Day

Slept in. Marvelous. Well, did get up partway through the night, as the Bros were quite ademant something was going on, and I figure they may of scared off a possum. Definitely discouraged a raccoon, as it ran by me. Nothing quite so humourous as a waddling running raccoon.

Made morning rounds with the Bros and Mamma; all goats present and accounted for, moved from Maternity Pen out to paddock. Cows were not amused to see Mudge; he brooks no disrespect from bovines. Tomorrow, possibly Monday we may need horse feed, but Herself did stock up on goat and cow.

Took a nap. Ahhhhhhhh.

Read a bit, then went out to feed teh Horses for the evening, and move goats from Paddock to Maternity Pen. We've lost a couple more kids, but not to coyote. So the plan seems to be working, and we'll continue it.

This evening, leftover Young Male Bovine. I intend to slice it thin and use some of the wasabi horseradish sauce on it, along with a side of green beans.

Tomorrow, more work on photos, and check with Sparr if they're open Monday. If not, I'll get horse just to be safe. I think there is likely enough to make it through until Tuesday. But I also like teh Horses, and will spoil them a bit.

After dinner, a hot soak. Glorious. What is it Houdini calls it? Oh, yes.

Boss Stays Home Days. *G*
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