madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

View of Washington from Arlington

Today is Memorial Day here in the States.

I make no bones that for me, Armistice/Remembrance/Veteran's Day is more my time of recollection. Still, today is a time to calm one's heart and remember:

Freedom is not free.

And it is so easily given away.

Soon I will finish my morning coffee, and go out to count goat heads to determine if there are any casualties in our own private little war with Coyote. I spoke a bit soon in my last post, as I did find a casualty that morning. Not sure it was Coyote though I am positive something canid due to the wounds. If it was, was young or may of been fox, based on the distance between the punctures.

I owe the fact that I may have this private little Coyote War to a lot of people...
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