madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Ping Fellow Firefly Fans

Bandwidth sucking art project by Martin Firrell involving our beloved Nathan Fillion, aka Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Nicked from slave2tehtink, and thank her very much! But as it says, Boys And Girls, Don't Do This At Home (on dial-up).

Hmm... while I'm at it, here, slave2tehtink meet thatwordgrrl, and of course vice versy. Y'all don't share that many interests as listed, but then neither do the two of you with me, and I find you fairly interesting. And there's an interest which only one lists, but both of you are tangled up in... Knitting! And, hey, we all like Firefly! And Serenity!
Tags: firefly, nathan fillion, serentiy

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