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Life Goes On

I'm not talking about any of the public angst, anywhere, following the events of November 2 & 3, 2004. Enough already.

Life goes on.

I'm a lot more interested in figuring out what will take care of the cows getting over the fence between their pasture and our "home compound" even though they're not likely to get out onto the road from here. And finishing up with the hogs. We've been slowly decreasing the number we're raising because there ain't no money in it and ain't been for a while. Not for an independant small rancher. And just keeping an eye on the goats. Goats don't like getting wet. They don't like it when barns fall on them, either. Both things happened in September, and some of them look like they're suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.

I'm a lot more interested in deciding am I going to spend the relatively smaller amount of money to refurbish the floor in that 24 year old mobile home, so I may use it as a photography studio for another five years? That's all I think I'll get anyway, and that kicks the thing up near 30 years old. It would buy me five years of saving money for a new structure on that site. Maybe... or what's going to go next, since the plumbing gave up the ghost a couple weeks back? Leaking water is bad but there's a simple fix called 'turn the water off' and the place can still be used. We don't want to think about leaking electricity. Well, we do actually, and we want to prevent it from happening. Or avoid it, by taking the whole place off-line and recycling it.

I'm a lot more interested in catching up with my photography projects, not all of them or all at once but at least three. I owe two people CD's of our work, and I really want to get ahead on some printing, matting, and framing. With or without refurbishing the floor of the old mobile, I have a place to set up a mat/frame shop. Needs to be done, it does.

I'm a lot more interested in moving along, healing myself after major life changes. A lot more interested.

Because, you see, I've long held the position that I can live with the results so long as I cast my ballot. I did, and once that little thing is ticked off the To Do list, Ceaser's quote always comes to mind: "Dalia jacta est." The die is cast.

Every four years, just like Leap Year. In fact, every Leap Year. Sometimes the magic works, and some times it doesn't. Doesn't stop me from trying.

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