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Independence Day

For the United States of America. I imagine it’s a very different thing today than it was 231 years ago.

Williston did its July Fourth fireworks display last night; indeed today's icon is brought to you courtesy of the 2004 July 4th fireworks. Went to watch that, joining friends S & K, S's brother J and spouse chaosloki and their offspring. Had just recently moved into the world of digital cameras and wanted to see how well it handled the fireworks. Particularly since there is/was (that camera not so much functional these days) a setting for Fireworks. Fairly happy with the results, and learned that response time for point-and-shoot cameras is way slower than the higher-end DSLR cameras. Well. Duh. *G*

I’d warned Houdini about it so he might be cool. He did not panic, and in fact climbed into his igloo den to hide. There followed local fireworks sporadically throughout the evening, which is how I know he went into his den. Well, more like I came out to check on goats, and he came out of his den, then went back into it.

This, after Monday evening attempting to hang himself again due to thunder.

I fear for this dog sometimes. Probably because he did find a way into my heart. And even though I’ve stated publicly that Squrrl is saleable, in all probability he will remain with us for his lifetime as well. And Sergeant Smudge is just too good looking for his own good. Smudge is also the best of the group with the cows. He's not afraid of them; perhaps a good thing, perhaps not. He's not allowed time with them unsupervised so it's unlikely he'll get into much trouble.

I’ve got book keeping to do today.

And I’ve been doing the odd bits and pieces working on photography. Specifically working with Photoshop and learning techniques. Played with curves manipulation (something I’ve done a moderate starting amount with already), using the Calculations command to convert an image to black and white, and layering filters for varied effects. Yesterday I also practiced ‘multi-exposures’ (as I think about it), where I’m emulating the double-triple-multiple exposure in camera technique. Not a lot of work I’d show outside of a fairly circumspect grouping but progress.

Generally I use a trackball with my computers. I’ve a trackball at work, and one over in Studio 318 office. However, I’ve a small travel mouse as well which wanders with the laptop, and which is what I use in the Big House office. It’s an optical mouse, not little roller ball, and the cursor wanders every now and again. Actually, it’s happening more frequently. I’m not sure if it’s related to the laptop also having a touch-pad pointing device (which I use, but rarely). Any ideas or comments on this, oh Most Geeky Readers?
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