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It is a weekend. There is thunder outside, and a Houdini at my feet. All the Ranch livestock are fed (and able to graze/browse), and the additional provisions laid in to at least get us through the w/e. Cows and goats are on reduced supplemental rations, now that we've had enough rain that the grass and trees are providing something. They may not be happy about it; that supplemental has some sweeteners added, don'tyouknow.

Herself is off to Arts/Sci, an SCA thing for those who don't recognise the abbreviation. She's day-tripping rather than the whole weekend. Send her along with the Subaru, as the AC compressor on Forrest NissanPickup is acting up. We're contemplating replacing it but that will depend on a few things. Weighing against that is that we need a replacement heavy-hauler for the Ranch as well. My old Chevy Van gave up the ghost a few years back. It's slated for donation to the local high school's auto mechanics program.

Forrest Nissan served us well since early '97, and is pushing 180,000 miles. He looks like a ranch truck. There's very little rust (what there is primarily located on the load bed, where the paint's been scraped by years of work). Quite a few dings and bumps (courtesy of more than one bovine and a couple goats but no other vehicles), and muchly faded paint. Not very much if any trade value there; but we're not eager to maintain too many vehicles either. So if we find an acceptible heavy-haul soon, we may just retire (sell) Forrest.

Which will be sort of sad, in a way. We've grown accustomed to his ways.

Ah well. Other things to do. It's a weekend, that means book keeping and some other chores.
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