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Arrived Naples

As in Baja Jorja, not Italia. Right around noon, after leaving teh Ranch at just shy of 07:00, so good time driving. My directions to the resort, on the other hand, not so much. That, I'll take on the chin. I'd saved them to a PDF, then looked at them again just a bit north of Ft. Myers and shut the laptop back down. So I drove about a bit before finding the location.

Not terribly impressed so far. First part, not impressed with myself as mentioned. Not impressed with the resort; room not ready when I checked in (in the flyer, says 14:00); they took my mobile # to call when room ready. Went to the Transitional Board Meeting (even though late, but only by a half hour so off I went). Finished that, checked in with the FCORN desk, and got my packet, but there’s no schedule in the packet. When are things happening? Also never got a phone call telling me the room is ready; went to sit in the lobby for a bit and see if I could get on the Internet.

Accessing the Internet requires a room number. So I went up to the desk to see if something could be done to get my access. C’est voila, the room he is ready! No call; but then again, my packet with key-cards is in a stack on the desk there, and I expect I’d be receiving that call within, oh, a half hour of when I asked? So off to my room to drop off the bag with laptop, then down to pick up luggage from the hot, hot car. P.V. from D. is my across-the-hall neighbor. Cool. But I’m not going to the Industry-Advisory Round Table (probably going on now, based on P heading downstairs with jacket over arm and saying See You Soon).

Try to connect, now with my brand-new shiny room number.

Your account is not found.

Call the front desk. You’ll need to talk to the service provider, I’ll forward you... terminal hold music, all of it belonging to the resort. The service provider is an 888 number, not within the resort. Get tired of that, eh? Hang up, and say, hey, I’ll try clearing cookies and temp files, time to do that anyway.

Still no joy.

Restart the computer.

Still no joy.

Call the front desk again; this time I get a different person. This person is much more helpful in that she checks to make sure I’m checked in. After all, I’m calling from a room, I must be checked in. Wait, the resort’s computer shows my room as Vacant. Say what? I’m calling from that room. Did you check in at the desk, sir?

Um, yeah, that’s where I got the key-cards to get into the room. Oh, well, yes. Give me 15 minutes and try again. Your username is your last name, and your password is your room number.

That was...

yeah, probably about 15 minutes ago now. I lay down on the floor to stretch my back a bit. Looked at all the wall art in the room; it’s good art. Clyde Butcher. Two 10x14's matted to 18x22 and framed, and a 19x32 matted the same way, 4" of mat on each edge. So at least the place gets points for taste in wall art, and a 50% sampling of phone calls to the main desk produced results.

Well, should get cleaned up and head down soon, figure out what time things are.
Tags: aorn, fcorn, resorts, travel

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