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Tired. Brought Houdini into the house yesterday evening because of severe thunderstorms. He stayed in overnight, with a brief sojourn outside around midnight. Side door left ajar with a bungee on it to keep it closed (there's a screen door to the inside); near midnight Smudge sounded off. Mamma Mudge, and Houdini, both bolted out the side door.

Went out to check, Mudge came back but not Houdini. Looked for him for a bit, no response to our calling and whistling. Headed back into the house and bed, Smudge sounded off again about 45 minutes later. Went out to check, here come's Houdini.

Glad he's OK.

Herself tells me there's a new sinkhole over in the cattle paddock. Joy.
Tags: border collie bros, life, ranch
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