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LiveJournal auto-post

Yes, as the subject line says, it's an autopost. To paraphrase wedschilde from whom I nicked this link, whereat you too may sound insane... No, I'm not insane. I've always been crazy, it's kept me from going insane.

There is a journal, an LJ, I've been following... off and on, from a distance. It's been easy to do, as several of the attendees in the hallway while I've been on various and sundry unknowns have been driving up our road and back out again when they get there, what it looks like maybe it's a county road? not so much... they don't do this on the w/e when I'm here. Maybe because of the specific event nor the participants, but because someone, also probably feeling the same paranoia I do, is probably making similar plans to avoid the repetition of mistakes. Not so much with a concern you might figure that out. *G*
Tags: autopost, meme
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