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It's 01:00 9/12 in Dunedin, New Zealand. Do you know where your memories are?

Tuesday 11 Sept. 2001 dawned clear and bright in Dunedin. We'd arrived the evening before on our first stop of our driving tour of South Island, a place called Castlewood on the hill above Dunedin. We ate breakfast and chatted a bit with our host, Peter, then set out to walk down hill and find the train station. There we boarded a tour going up the Taieri Gorge. Shot quite a bit of film that day; a bit of it's scanned, but I don't have the pictures immediately avaiable. Dinner that evening at a marvelous place, A Cow Called Berta. Highly recommended. Then off to bed about 22:00 or so.

That is how I spent my 9/11, but note the time on this posting. It's 09:00 here in the Eastern Time Zone, and we were fast asleep at the time, on 12 Sept. 2001. I've mentioned before about waking up, rather relaxed, photographing the sunrise, and then learning the news...
Tags: 9/11, history, memory, new zealand, nz

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