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Welcome Back

Second week back to work following mini-vacation to Vegas. More of the same, more of the same. At least today is payday here at Hospital.

On other fronts, a couple new kids at the Ranch, healthy so far, and at least one more goat mamma likely to kid in the next couple of weeks. We'll see what happens.

And a short, very pleasant visit yesterday evening with alienorade who stopped by on the way home from something in Hoggetowne. Delivered a functioning disk of her portraits from the April session. I'd burned a disk shortly after the date, and evidently did not finalise the DVD so those files are unaccessible. Rather a Doh! experience, that. Now, however, she's got accessible copies and shortly will let me know which ones are her picks for prints.

More later. Time to do other things.

Oh, and (something no doubt at least zompus will appreciate, along with others) it's Hawaiian Shirt Friday. Which doesn't mean others are wearing Hawaiian shirts, simply that I wore one in. At least long enough until I changed into scrubs for work. Then I put on my tropical turtles OR hat.
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