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From janetmiles (and I didn't realise I was playing, exactly, just commenting on the rabid marmosets... *G*), who asked about seven of my interests. It appears the premise is to comment here and I'm supposed to ask you.

Okay, then:
* bears: I like 'em. No, I'm not going to stop with the simple silly answer. Bears are (at least to me) pretty cool animals, omniverous, and rather solitary. Although there are photographs and videos of grizzlies in a group staking out prime area for salmon during the salmon runs. I expect part of the reason I like bears is also due to Gordon Dickson. And definitely to stuffed toys.

* border collies: I've kind of always liked dogs. Until six years ago or so, though, Border Collies weren't necessarily on my list. It isn't that I didn't like them, rather I knew they are work dogs, and also knew they need to be working (almost moreso than many of the working dog breeds, all of whom definitely do better with their things to do). Then six years back, we needed to replace dogs who'd been killed, and our neighbor was looking for a home for one of her Border's because she tended to whelp litters with overbite when mated with her (the neighbor's) dog. So Mamma Mudge came to live with us. And proceeded to run off to the 'other house' and get knocked up by Michael (the neighbor's dog, also a Border Collie), and we wound up with the bordercolliebrs. Who, incidentally, do not exhibit overbite.

To be honest, I'm not sure I'd be as happy living with Borders if I lived in town, but we do live on teh Ranch, we do raise livestock, and the Bros do help.

Things I did not know until I lived with Border Collies:
- I need help herding my socks on my feet in the morning, and off again in the evening
- The shortest distance betweeen two points is not a straight line, it includes every single spot of shade there is between here and there. Every. Single. One.
- If one does not find work for a Border Collie, the Border Collie will find something to do.
- Like all the working breeds, Border Collies are intelligent enough to find that something to do.
- Watching a Border Collie work a herd is pure joy.

* edward weston
* light
These two are quite interrelated, and are related to my passion for photography. Which, of course, means 'light drawing' if one bothers to translate the Greek. Mr. Weston is one of the most famous of early 20th C American photographers, and his work is very much about light; still lifes of single green peppers, captured to preserve the light which reveals (and hides) all of their texture and shape. That's a very simplistic description of Weston's work, though. He's also well known for photographing the nude human form (another very strong interest of mine), and again it's about light. Something many might not know about his work is that his photographs are not (generally) enlarged, but are contact prints from the orignal negatives; he generally worked with what are known as large-format view cameras, so the negatives are 8x10 inches.

Light itself, as I got further into photography and particularly in the past several years, is also very fascinating. Light models the subject, by casting shadows. Without those shadows, most things do appear flat; it's that absence of light which provides the three dimensionality, specially in a two-dimensional representation. I'd say I prefer natural light to 'artificial', but even artificial light is created by natural means, if one studies the chemistry and physics of it. What I mean by natural light then is that I like to use sunlight and explore the means to 'shape' it to my needs. It's not the only form of light I use, though, and the past two years I've been doing a lot more study of lighting using both incandescent and electronic lighting tools.

* mischief: I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
Even before I read the Potter books. My conduct grades in elementary school rarely reached 'C' (we were graded A, B, C, D, and U).

* seltzer water: something I drink quite frequently if I am drinking something other than beer or coffee.

* surrealism: I see colours in my own unique manner; I know this because the U.S. Navy told me so.
This may not seem to answer the question about surrealism. However, it's not much of a leap from seeing colours in a personally unique manner, and seeing reality in the same way. This in itself may not be surrealism. What seems to be the link is that when I describe or show my 'unique vision' it produces a number of reactions which are common to the surrealism art movement: surprise (elicited by unusual juxtopositions), and non-sequitur. All of which appeal to me.

And now, a bonus:
The number of my LJ Interests is itself another indicator of an interest, which also shows many elements of surrealism.
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