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Procrastination can be an art form, but like all art forms individual works must eventually be completed. I've heard from some that art pieces are never completed, per se, just brought to a point when the artist decides, I'm done, and turns them loose. So it's time to turn loose on a particular procrastination project.

Quite a few years ago, we purchased a pre-build 'garage' (not really a garage), 12' by 24' building, which when delivered we set in the shade of the oaks which comprise what we call Kumamori on the Ranch. Herself uses this building as Carmenetta's Cottage, and primarily for sewing. It's been wired, partially insulated, partially panelled, and in need of finishing for some time.

Several months ago, I put in a time off request for this week to go to a conference on Nursing Informatics out in Denver, hosted by AORN. After reviewing the overall economy a bit before heading out to Vegas for FredCon, we decided perhaps the trip to Denver wasn't in the book (keeping) after all. I did not, however, inform Hospital that the time off was available for them.

So this week we are completing the insulation and ceiling panelling of Carmenetta's Cottage. As of yesterday we are 2/3's done. That, following sending Herself off to run errands she needed done for the Levy County Fair (upcoming in a few weeks), me and the Bros making Ranch rounds and feeding the critters, and then Mamma Mudge and I making a feed run. Following errands on all parts we ate lunch, started some laundry, then started the insulation project.

The insulation itself we purchased last year; well, possibly early this year. At any rate, it's been in the Cottage waiting to have its dimensionality re-arranged and placed between studs and rafters. It's not a difficult thing to do, putting in fibreglass insulation; it can be an itchy thing to do. However, individual parts move along quite easily.

Today we figure to finish placing all the insulation (there's only 10 more batts to place for the roof/ceiling), then cutting the panels and start putting them up. I want them all cut by early afternoon, as there is rain in the forecast. We can put them up while it's raining, after all that's inside work. I shall want to make the sawdust outdoors, though.

With the ceiling done, there remains only the west wall; Herself is planning on starting that while I'm cutting the panels. The two end walls when done will both be paneled with cedar chipboard; the east wall already is. Against that entire 12' length of east wall we mounted Kitchenmade wire shelving; that's Herself's fabric storage. Hmm, lessee, six shelves, 12' long by 18" deep... you do the math. *G*

The west wall will require a bit more work, as I'll need to do some framing; it will be a cedar closet for completed garments. For those of you who do or have played in the SCA, this is a big part of what Herself puts together in the Cottage. Some is for herself, other pieces she's made on commission, and a good deal of what's made is by others, receiving sewing lesons. So the doors to the closet will be a set of sliding mirror doors.

But getting that insulation and the panelling done is the primary concern. The west wall is sort of insulated as is, what with all that clothing hanging on a closet rod there. The roof/ceiling mostly was not, and summertime could be quite warm in there. Even with the shade from the oaks of Kumamori and a window unit A/C rated for the square footage. We're thinking about getting a second of those units, for another (of the four) windows. Our theory is two will need to work half as much to keep the place cool.

Meanwhile, Houdini is happy because BossStaysHomeDays started early. Boss is happy because I'm keeping the cook happy; well, and getting to spend time with Houdini and his Bros, too. Herself is happy because we can already feel the difference walking in (and not merely because temperatures are already dropping overall; we're still hitting high 80's F/low 30's C daytime). Plus, the insulation work requires us to move things around, and moving those things around will eventually require Herself to break down the initial work station. She wants to re-vamp the layout after working in there for those aforementioned several years.

'Works fine when I'm working solo,' she says, 'but when I'm teaching, we need a better layout for everyone's machines.' I'm not sure about the everyone's. I mean, I think two people she's taught over the years brought their own machines with them. The rest used one of her several. In fact, I've even got a ocuple sewing machines. Only one is out in the Cottage though.
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