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Rain Today

Perhaps not so much as yesterday's forecast, or perhaps it is still early. Don't know.

Yesterday we finished putting in the roof insulation, and put up the first three panels which comprise the ceiling. However, two miscalculations affected this part of the project. The first miscalculation is mine; when I put in the mid-line panels, I got my measurements off for the placement of the holes for the electrical. The way we wired for ceiling lights is to put two electrical outlets up there (one each end of the building). The outlets are not midline, but I made my measurements for the hole cutting as if they were...

Not a major problem. Does effect further cut measurements. This is where the second miscalculation comes in, and this one is Herself's. She only bought six panels. We need nine. So before continuing we need to see if Lowe's (the vendor we purchased from) still has this panel colour/pattern. Then we buy three more panels, and away we go.

We also need to purchase seven panels of cedar chipboard for the west wall, which will be a cedar closet for all that aforementioned garb. The weather report being what it is, I might of gotten the panels this morning and under cover before rain.

Except that we need Herself's flat-bed trailer, which was out at Horserena for an SCA event, and we needed to go collect both the trailer and some of Herself's items still at Horserena. Which we did this morning, after our yearly fasting bloodwork draw at out Family Practice doc's.

So we got back to Ranch and unloaded in time. For rain, not for panel runs. However, tomorrow morning's forecast is much more favourable for panel purchases. So I will go shopping tomorrow morning.
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