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It's a nice, steady busy home on the Ranch weekend. We've done laundry, cleaned up some areas, fed the livestock, spent time with the Bros. We've watched the '07 Fall Goatherd Kids going Boing Boing Boing about the maternity pen. The kidding covers several weeks, but the majority of the does kidded within three days. It might not seem obvious yet over time we've noted different herd dynamics based on how spread out the kidding is. Who makes buddies with whom kind of a thing. This is a pretty tight, cohesive group of kids.

Herself kept up with things needed for the upcoming Levy County Fair (9 Days!). First time in 30 years or so that there's been a Levy County Fair. Should be interesting. Dinner on Saturday we bought pizza, from a place over in Williston; Herself asked about leaving half-sheet flyers there when she placed the order, they said Sure. So I dropped off probably 100 or so. Half-sheet flyers are one-half of an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper (not sure of the non-US equivalents).

I worked on catching up with photo cataloging; it's a never ending story. Without knowing where (and roughly what) images are, though, can make tracking down those images for printing a real time-consumer in that run. This is probably not something most people need to worry about, but it becomes an issue when making income from one's photography. I also worked up an estimate for a potential client, portrait work. Still not sure if that's going to be a private commission, or what I call a semi-public commission. The difference is the client pays more for a private commission, because once they've selected which photo(s) they want printed, I retire the images. Nobody sees them again after that. Semi-public means a variety of things, with the minimum being I can show those pieces to other potential clients as samples of workmanship.

I'm not sure if my laptop done took itself off of Daylight Savings Time or not; both it and my PDA are telling me it's just now 18:00 local time, but Herself is telling me the clocks are saying it's later than that.

Either way, it's time to go feed the Bros and teh Horses. And watch some kids Boing Boing Boing some more.
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